If someone were to tell you that lucid dreams were a free, safe and easy way to experience mind-altering experiences that were far, far in excess of those produced by any drug, legal or otherwise on the market, you'd probably have a hard time believing it.

If you'd never heard of lucid dreams before, let alone attempted to have lucid dreams you'd probably laugh it off and move on.  Surely nothing free and easy could be that good, right?

If you've ever spoken to someone who regularly lucid dreams and heard them describe just how phenomenal is the realization that you have awoken to a world of infinite possibilities where you're literally in charge of everything...  then it's tempting to believe that either they must be incredibly gifted or have spent years honing their skills.

It really isn't anything you can't learn inside a week.  Lucid dreams are unique, exciting and effortless.  Best of all, they cost you nothing, and by their very nature only happen when you're not doing anything else but sleeping.

It truly is impossible to communicate just how incredible lucid dreams are.  You simply just have to experience it firsthand.  Any rave reviews or description of the experience that I can give you about it simply cannot not do it justice.

So take a week of your life.  Dedicate it to learning how to lucid dream.

If you consider that you'll be doing it when you're sleeping, so it requires absolutely no additional time commitment, I think you'll agree that there really is nothing stopping you from enjoying one of the most incredible experiences available. 

Yes, better than sex.  In a lucid dream you can even have sex with whoever you like!



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